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Full-Time Maths and Economics Tutor

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Full-Time Maths and Economics Tutor

Since graduating from Oxford University in 2011 with a degree in Economics and Management, I have worked full time as a private tutor, both in the UK and internationally. I have a wealth of experience in teaching Maths and Economics at all levels and across all specifications. My students often tell me that I have a way of explaining complicated things that 'just makes sense'. I am friendly, patient and imaginative when it comes to teaching. I will keep finding different ways of explaining something until the person I am teaching really understands. I believe that students are much more likely to learn when they have a positive relationship with their teacher and when they are having fun.


Philippa Reeve is 28 years old

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University of Edinburgh MA , Global Development Challenges (Distinction) 

University of Oxford BA, Economics & Management (2.i) 

Kendrick School A-Level, Economics (A), Geography (A), Maths (A), Critical Thinking (A), German (A) 

Kendrick School GCSE, Maths (A*), English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), Double Science (A*A*), Business Studies (A*), Geography (A*), German (A*), Textiles (A*), Religious Studies (A*) 

Teaching experience

I've taught face-to-face for 8 years

I've taught online for 3 years

International Tuition; Bahamas, USA, Europe. Ski Instructor. Special Needs Playworker and significant experience working with children with dyslexia, ADHD and other special needs.

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190 Students
8 Years of experience
24 Testimonials



Business Studies
A Level GCSE Undergraduate
A Level GCSE Undergraduate
11+ 13+ Common Entrance A Level GCSE IB KS2 (7-11) KS3 (11-14)
Non-verbal reasoning
11+ 13+ Common Entrance KS2 (7-11) KS3 (11-14)
Verbal Reasoning
11+ KS2 (7-11) KS3 (11-14)

Support with Admissions


Dulwich College Dulwich College

Reading School Reading School

Reading Blue Coat School Reading Blue Coat School

Abbey School (Reading) Abbey School (Reading)

Alleyn's School Alleyn's School

James Allen's Girls' School James Allen's Girls' School

Kendrick School Kendrick School


Kendrick School University of Cambridge

Kendrick School University of Edinburgh

Kendrick School University of Oxford


per hour
(per hour)
per hour
(per hour)
11+ £60 £57
13+ Common Entrance £60 £57
A Level £70 £65
GCSE £70 £65
IB £70 £65
KS2 (7-11) £60 £57
KS3 (11-14) £60 £57
Undergraduate £80 £75

Tools I use to teach online

If you teach online and there are any particular software packages you use, please provide details here. Clients love to see tutors who are up to date with the best offerings.

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Skype Skype

My location

I live in Clapham and travel to students within a radius of 5 miles. I also tutor online and am available to work in various time zones.

Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation terms

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson you will be charged 100% of the lesson amount
If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson you will be charged 100% of the lesson amount

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Full Terms and Conditions

Philippa Reeve

Dec 7th, 2018

Terms & Conditions For The Services of Private Tuition

On the condition that we have connected via Apptitude, engagement of my services as a private tutor constitutes an agreement of these terms, by you, the client.


I am a professional tutor and offer my skill and services in good faith for the agreed remuneration. I do not offer any guarantees with respect to specific grades, school or university entrance requirements or other
tangible or intangible achievements.


I ask for payment [after the lesson/in advance of the lesson/in advance of X number of lessons]. My rates may, from time to time, increase, and I will communicate these increases to you as and when they arise.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a lesson within [24 hours] of the start time, you are liable for [100%] of the agreed lesson fee. If I cancel a lesson within the same time frame, I will refund the cost of this lesson/deduct it from the next payment request/not charge for this lesson – we can discuss your preference as each situation arises.


As a professional tutor, I expect to be allowed to work in a safe, clean environment whereby my personal safety isn’t jeopardised. If a situation arises where the behaviour of your child is unreasonable, I will inform you of the issue as soon as possible. If the misbehaviour of your child(ren) continues to impede my ability to conduct the lesson, I reserve the right to refuse tuition and retain my full rate of pay. If the problem persists, future lessons may be cancelled, without consideration for my Cancellation Policy, at my discretion.

Philippa Reeve

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