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Maths and Physics Tutor

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Maths and Physics Tutor

I graduated from Oxford with a Master's in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics and have been tutoring maths and physics since. These are two subjects I love and continue to study - I'm starting a PhD next year in theoretical physics. In tutoring, I have two particular goals: to impart the passion that can be the source of endless motivation and success; and to clarify the 'big picture' view of the subject, so the student does not miss the wood for the trees.


Sanjay Prabhakar is 23 years old

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University of Oxford MMathPhys, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics 

University of Oxford BA, Physics 

Teaching experience

I've taught face-to-face for 1 year

I've taught online for 1 year

Teaching Intern at Salesian School

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Mathematics (Further)
A Level IB
A Level GCSE Undergraduate

Support with Admissions


University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

My location

I live in Morden and travel to students within a radius of 10 miles. I also tutor online and am available to work in various time zones.

Sanjay Prabhakar

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